The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alan Grayson's Mirror

I wonder what Alan Grayson sees in the mirror everyday? He recently pulled the old "blame your enemies for your own transgressions" routine with a disgusting ad aimed at Conservatives, namely the Tea Party. 
Alan, provide evidence that the Tea Party is in any way associated or even remotely resembles the KKK. I dare you, I double dare you!!  You've only succeeded in taking me really close to calling you names which is something I try to avoid in my discussions.  That's it.  Anyone with two brain cells to rub together know that your ad is representative of someone who has clearly run out of constructive, logical support for your argument and what you stand for.
One thing that I've learned in my number of years on this planet is that those who resort to violence and name-calling have lost the debate, you have no valid points to make in a logical, civil manner.  Your ad is a perfect example of a temper tantrum akin to a toddler.
I challenge you Alan, show me solid proof of racism from the Tea Party or I'll accuse your beloved Democratic party of supporting slavery and Jim Crow laws and of starting the KKK.  Oh... wait. 

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