The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little 'Slight of Phrase"

Picked this up off social media comments today…

“There are historic parallels to how another extreme party turned a different democratic government in Europe into a dictatorship. One rule at a time, slow erosion.”

Oddly enough, the author was referring to the Republicans in the House and their purported part in the current shutdown. 

I say ‘oddly’ because as many of you know, the NAZI party name translates in to “National Socialist German Workers' Party.”   Newsflash… there is one of the two major parties that leans toward socialism in this country… just sayin. 

To further your edification on this you may want to check out a book called “Liberal Fascism: by Jonah Goldberg.   This book lays it all out as to how the Left in this country is, in fact, far closer to the Nazi party than the Right as portrayed in various media outlets.  

Interestingly enough, I never heard the phrase “Godwin’s’ Law” passed around so much until AFTER Mr. Goldberg’s book came out.  I think partly because since then, and the following year when Obama was elected, many have learned from his book and turned the charges of Nazism back toward the place it belongs. (See Notable Examples)

Face it, if the left in this country had their way, we would be controlled in our speech (re: political correctness) controlled in our habits (smoke in a building much these days?) and controlled in how we live our lives in general.  And these are just a few examples of how the Left actually works to control the nation… a few elites in DC telling the rest of us how to live our lives.  Think about it folks… this is where we’re headed.  Socialism has been creeping up on us for the past century at least.  

**Caveat:  The right in this country isn’t much better.  There are some in the Republican Party that are in lockstep with the Democrats and wouldn’t bat an eye at pushing through socialistic legislation designed to control.  Oddly enough, one of the first 'side-steppers' of the Constitution in our history was a Republican.  

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