The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alan Grayson's Mirror

I wonder what Alan Grayson sees in the mirror everyday? He recently pulled the old "blame your enemies for your own transgressions" routine with a disgusting ad aimed at Conservatives, namely the Tea Party. 
Alan, provide evidence that the Tea Party is in any way associated or even remotely resembles the KKK. I dare you, I double dare you!!  You've only succeeded in taking me really close to calling you names which is something I try to avoid in my discussions.  That's it.  Anyone with two brain cells to rub together know that your ad is representative of someone who has clearly run out of constructive, logical support for your argument and what you stand for.
One thing that I've learned in my number of years on this planet is that those who resort to violence and name-calling have lost the debate, you have no valid points to make in a logical, civil manner.  Your ad is a perfect example of a temper tantrum akin to a toddler.
I challenge you Alan, show me solid proof of racism from the Tea Party or I'll accuse your beloved Democratic party of supporting slavery and Jim Crow laws and of starting the KKK.  Oh... wait. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little 'Slight of Phrase"

Picked this up off social media comments today…

“There are historic parallels to how another extreme party turned a different democratic government in Europe into a dictatorship. One rule at a time, slow erosion.”

Oddly enough, the author was referring to the Republicans in the House and their purported part in the current shutdown. 

I say ‘oddly’ because as many of you know, the NAZI party name translates in to “National Socialist German Workers' Party.”   Newsflash… there is one of the two major parties that leans toward socialism in this country… just sayin. 

To further your edification on this you may want to check out a book called “Liberal Fascism: by Jonah Goldberg.   This book lays it all out as to how the Left in this country is, in fact, far closer to the Nazi party than the Right as portrayed in various media outlets.  

Interestingly enough, I never heard the phrase “Godwin’s’ Law” passed around so much until AFTER Mr. Goldberg’s book came out.  I think partly because since then, and the following year when Obama was elected, many have learned from his book and turned the charges of Nazism back toward the place it belongs. (See Notable Examples)

Face it, if the left in this country had their way, we would be controlled in our speech (re: political correctness) controlled in our habits (smoke in a building much these days?) and controlled in how we live our lives in general.  And these are just a few examples of how the Left actually works to control the nation… a few elites in DC telling the rest of us how to live our lives.  Think about it folks… this is where we’re headed.  Socialism has been creeping up on us for the past century at least.  

**Caveat:  The right in this country isn’t much better.  There are some in the Republican Party that are in lockstep with the Democrats and wouldn’t bat an eye at pushing through socialistic legislation designed to control.  Oddly enough, one of the first 'side-steppers' of the Constitution in our history was a Republican.  

The Left's 'BOOM moment?"

A recent video that seems to be going viral has crossed my interest today.  Almost of 'viral' status I suppose, I've seen this on social media and a few other websites.  Websites of both leanings I might add...

Question on this, so a party, that's in the majority, enacts legislation to make the other party's life hard, and we're supposed to feel bad?  Isn't that what's known as "politics?"  Isn't this done on both sides of the isle?  Maybe I'm  mistaken, won't be the first time.  

What I do find amusing is those of left-leaning tendency are touting this as the "BOOM moment" for their argument that the shutdown is solely owned my the Repubs in the House, as if the Dems in the Senate's 'my way or the highway' attitude has nothing to do with it.  To refresh your memory, here's a list of what's been offered since the shutdown.  Enjoy! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

An Article That Actually Makes Me Throw Up In My Mouth A Little...

Click here to view Wow... just wow.

Are you freakin kidding me???

First off, I think it’s VERY telling that this writer won’t mention the political party that fought tooth-and-nail to keep an entire people in bondage as well as supported the Jim Crow laws.  Guilty conscious anyone? 

This is a prime example of how the LSD crowd is resorting to petty name-calling and highly inaccurate comparisons to try and stir up their followers to frenzy.  Calling the stalwart House Republicans the “New Confederacy?”  Really?  Project much?

Mr. King… please provide concrete proof that the invalidation of key parts of the Voting Rights Act will result in groups of people having their right to vote taken away.  Waiting…

Hold on to that Confederate money, y’all. Jim Crow just might rise again.”  It has risen again Mr. King.  It’s in the form of your ilk convincing millions of minorities that they are unable to function without the Government standing over them legislating fairness.  There was a point in time during our history when (Americans of African Decent) AOAD had a strong family bond, off-the-chart work ethic, and considered education, articulation, and hard work to be virtues.  Many, unfortunately have bought in to the hype that the deck is stacked against them and have given up.  Maybe it’s my days on active duty when I worked with (and for) many individuals that were not male, not white, and could work and manage circles around many a white male.  I refuse to believe that any one group is incapable of success and needs Big Brother to give them a hand up (out?).  The LSDs lost the fight to keep people in chains so now they resort to making them dependent.  This monstrous ACA that will effectively exercise control over our health choices (with the IRS in the lead no less) is just another attempt to control (bind) every citizen of this great nation.

I would say “shame on you” but I know that’s a concept long forgotten by LSDs.  I am certain that there are many like-minded readers of yours who have read, shared, and smugly saying to themselves “Boom!”  But to those of us who took the Red Pill, this is an entertaining piece of fiction at best. 


Blame Game Anyone? How Abour A Sprinkle of Pettiness?

So let me get this straight… the Republican-led House has sent multiple amendments to the Democrat-led Senate along with offers to meet and discuss. As I understand it, the House has actually conceded from their earlier position of totally defunding the ACA to delaying it and requiring that our elected ‘leaders’ receive the same plan that’s being foisted on the rest of us. (Isn’t that compromise?) The Senate has ignored the compromises and refuses to meet with them; but it’s the Republican’s fault?

Can someone please explain this to me? 

While we’re at it… could you also please explain the absolute pettiness of the Left these days?  One only has to watch some of these articles being posted on social media as well as (ahem) “journalists” to see a TON of name-calling(childish) and tired descriptive (bomb’s strapped to their chest, extortion, gun to our heads, etc).  When will the LSD crowd grow the hell up and come and talk, negotiate, and compromise like grown folk??

Sorry folks, the ACA (Obamacare) was, and still is, a VERY unpopular piece of legislation back when it was rammed through both the House and Senate (both controlled by Dems at the time).  So you can’t expect me to have ANY sympathy for you when a group of duly-elected representatives stand up to these shameless tactics!  

Shame on you all for being so petulant that your signature prize of socialism is being railroaded!  Boo freakin hoo!!!