The Legend

The Legend

Monday, November 17, 2014

And now, banned from Mother Jones

For any of you that read the previous post about being banned from Alternet, you'll appreciate the fact that I've sent two or three messages to the admins from that site asking specifically why I was banned.  No reply to date.

Well, the same (almost) can now be said of Mother Jones. I say 'almost' because I've yet to send a 2nd message... Coming soon.

So one day I was having some fun with an article they posted Mia Love: Representative From Nowhere on MJ's website.

As you can imagine, the comments section was rife with disparaging remarks on this young, intelligent, conservative rising star.  All I did was simply call them out as the racist woman-haters they all are. I did include reminders on how often their side plays the race card. This, of course, was either justified ("Hey, if she's an idiot, we call her out on it!"), or flat out denied. I was astounded at how many of them jumped to the position that she's very well deserving of the disgusting remarks whereas any criticism of anyone on the left is straight up racism, no argument, no matter how you present the reasons you oppose someone's politics. Like y'know, the debate is over, the science is settled, etc.... 

I would also like to point out that anytime I brought up ANY conservative that is not white  (Allen West, Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, David Webb, Tim Scott, Raffi Williams to name a few) the replies were along the vein of "Uncle Tom, House N****r, sell out, mentally unbalanced, you get the gist.

The point of this post is, Alternet and MJ banned me even though I did not violate any of their rules (or at least they've failed to make it clear which rule(s) I violated). I simply presented them (and their followers) with a look in the mirror; something libs frown upon it seems. Until I get answers from them, the fact IS, they simply banned me because they didn't like my message and their faithful parrots couldn't argue very effectively against me, period. Back in the holler I grew up in we called folks like this pussies.  

If you have the time (or stomach) I recommend a visit to these sites and take a look at not only some of the snore/snort-worthy articles, but especially the comments section. All too often the article is a stretch taking remarks out of context or flat-out making crap up. Another source of entertainment is the comments section. Most comments are aping what the author said only with more colorful language. The occasional opposing viewpoint that shows up there (like mine) is met with nothing but name calling and projection constantly 'evaluating' us and telling us stuff like, how we think, what our religion is, how much we hate women, yada yada yada. I especially love the ones that reply with, "you really seemed intelligent at first but..." as if any of us care what one there would think. My personal faves are when a reply consists of nothing more than name calling (like this invalidates our remarks somehow?).

Still standing patiently by awaiting a response from one of these sites to explain, in detail, along with a reference to their own policies of which I violated. Not holding my breath...

With respect