The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hey MSNBC... Racist much??

No words for the unabashed racism found within the liberal ilk.  Wow... just... wow.  I think it's apparent who the real racists are in this nation (hint, NOT Conservatives).  A family takes in a child of a different race who would otherwise most likely be "in the system" and probably not have such a great life and this is how they get treated?  Did they have the same comments for Brad and Angelina?  Oh.. that's right, they are liberal so you mustn't make fun of them.  Nothing like groupthink to keep us sharp. *when are these lemmings going to find the cliff???

Hat tip Newsbusters 

*Update:  MHP did just apologize so, there is that.  Still, the entire clip does kinda provide a window into the soul of liberals, does it not?

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